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Hi, I'm Emma
Hey, I'm Ina

Peaches & Pixels is the brainchild of two creative INFJs who became best friends. We met in Greenville, SC where we had the opportunity to work together on a creative team for 5 years. We tried a couple of solo adventures after that but soon we realized that we missed working together, but more importantly, that we make a great team!

Emma has always loved being a creative, whether that was through etching, printmaking, photography, or design. So, from a very young age she knew she wanted to work towards a creative career. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University, where she double majored in Graphic Design and Interactive Media Studies. A few years later, she earned her Master of Arts from SCAD Atlanta.

Ina has interests so vast, that she has mastered so many skills along the way, but kept circling back to graphic design. She’s also very passionate about UX design, as it allows for her creative urge to meet her analytical interests. She has a talent for soaking up new technology and platforms as if she’s a sponge. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Visual Communications at Ohio University with a specialization in Information Graphics. 

As a team, we have a deep understanding of our creative styles and know where our talents and flaws lie. We’re like Ying and Yang. We could not be more excited to start this venture together. We have found our passion & it’s helping small business’ to bring their brand to life. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

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